Chronic Pain

1 in 5 Australain’s will suffer from chronic pain – pain lasting three months or longer – during their lives, which may drain the enjoyment from everyday living.

The drivers of chronic pain may involve the interplay of nerve pain – embedded in the brain and spinal cord – with psychological factors, such as mental disorders, stress, sleep deprivation, and social conflict. It is rarely caused by mechanical or structural issues alone, and that’s why many factors should be considered to provide effective pain management.

Unfortunately, if left untreated, persistent pain may increase in intensity over time as the nerve pathways become more sensitive to stimuli, and the brain becomes more efficient at producing pain. Therefore it is crucial to address the issue with a comprehensive pain management plan as early as possible.

chronic pain management

Personalised Pain Management Plans

We understand the complex nature of chronic pain and use an evidence-based, biopsychosocial approach to provide the most effective management plan, so to minimise the pain and allow you to focus on the things that really matter in your life.

Our personalised chronic pain management process includes;

  • A comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate management plan
  • Education regarding one’s injury or condition causing chronic pain
  • Self-management strategies and techniques
  • Collaboration with other medical specialists where necessary
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“I discovered my passion for physiotherapy during my early teenage years, whilst undergoing rehabilitation for a sporting injury. Being young and impatient, it was a frustrating setback, however, in hindsight it was among the best things to ever happen to me. After several months of effective treatment, I was back to playing the sports I loved, and immediately realised that I wanted to help others manage their injuries and disorders to live their best lives…

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